Visitor FAQ

New to Stoneridge?  Here’s some information to help you fit in!

  • What is Sunday worship like?  We meet for worship at 10:30 am on Sundays (10:00 am during the summer).  The sermon is the central element of the worship service: a 20-25 minute message from our pastor, focused on applying God’s Word to our everyday lives.  We incorporate both contemporary and traditional forms of music into the worship experience.  
  • How should I dress for worship?  While our sanctuary is more traditional, our congregation is very casual and welcoming.  We invite you to dress however you feel comfortable!
  • Do you celebrate the sacraments?  We affirm and practice the two sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.  We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month, and you do not need to be a member of our denomination to receive it!  We practice “open communion” and welcome all followers of Jesus to partake of this sacrament together.  If you are interested in the sacrament of Baptism, our pastor is more than willing to speak with you.  We affirm both Infant and Adult Baptism.
  • What activities do you have for children?  During the regular school year, we offer Sunday school for all ages.  Sunday school begins at 9:15 am every Sunday morning (September-May).  Throughout the year, we have special children’s programs like Adventure Week, Easter Egg Hunt, and other programs in cooperation with Shaler North Hills Library.  
  • What activities do you offer for teenagers?  On Sunday mornings we offer a traditional Sunday school class for Senior High students.  We have regular Youth Group Meetings in our youth room.  Special events like cookouts, game nights, camp weekends, and service projects are also available.  Every three years, our denomination hosts an amazing youth conference called UNITE at the University of Tennessee.
  • Is there a nursery for my younger children during the worship service? Yes, we have a new nursery for children up to age 5.  It is generally staffed with at least one adult and one teenager.  All volunteers have appropriate state clearances.
  • How does Stoneridge Church reach out to the community?   We actively volunteer and support at Bread of Life Food Pantry in nearby Etna, PA, which provides food and other necessities for hundreds of families in our area.  We have formed partnerships with Shaler North Hills Library and Burchfield Elementary School to provide care and support for the children of our community.  We financially support local, regional, and international ministries that spread the Gospel throughout the world.
  • Do other groups/organizations meet at your church?  Yes!  On the first Monday of every month, we host the New Journey Support Group for cancer patients.  All are welcome to join for a time of prayer, a Christian devotion, and meaningful fellowship with others who are going through similar struggles.  We also host Ryan’s Wings, a nonprofit organization that offers support for individuals struggling with addiction as well as their families.  Ryan’s Wings offers a 12-week support group, “Six Steps to Sanity,” which gives family members of addicts the support and encouragement they need.
  • Is your church fellowship hall available for private events?  Yes, we rent out our fellowship hall for various parties and other activities.  Maximum occupancy is the church hall is 120 persons.  No alcohol or gambling are permitted on the premises, and no smoking is permitted indoors.  We do have kitchen facilities that are available for an additional cost.  Please call the church (412-486-7778) to make arrangements.
  • Can I participate in the life of the church as a non-member?  Absolutely!  We welcome anyone – from any background – to fellowship with us and get to know our congregation!  All activities are open to anyone!  You are also welcome to attend our quarterly Congregational meetings, although voting privileges are restricted to members only.
  • How does one become a member of the church?  Membership classes are offered as needed.  Membership requires that a person attend a membership class, professes Christ as Savior, and is regular in worship and the life of the church.  Please contact the pastor by phone (412-486-7778) or e-mail ( if you are interested in exploring membership in our church. 
  • How can I support the ministry of the church financially?  We encourage all members to support the ministry of the church through the tithe–a Biblical idea of giving one tenth of your income as an offering to the Lord.  We certainly welcome the gifts of friends and visitors as well.  During every Sunday worship service, immediately after the sermon there is an opportunity to give in person.  We also offer an online giving option, which you can access here. 

If you have any other questions about our church, denomination, or ministries, feel free to call the church office (412-486-7778).